Why I love WordPress

and why you would love WordPress too

WordPress LogoGoogle loves WordPress. I love Google and I love WordPress (it’s very search engine friendly). It makes Search Engine Optimization easy!

If you can operate Microsoft Word, you can probably use WordPress.

It lowers the bar for what it takes to maintain websites. Although WordPress began as a blogging platform, it’s now so much more.

No software needed. Have a laptop and wireless connection? Go to the nearest wi-fi hotspot if you want and blog about your cats or your business. (You can even easily blog from your iPhone or Android phone with WordPress’ mobile app!

WordPress Kills Spam. That’s right, you won’t have to worry about a flood of spam comments (Just enable the built-in Akismet plugin).

Not just a blog. WordPress has a feature called “pages” which allows you to easily create pages on your website. For example, you could add an “about me” page with your biography. You can even create an entire web site using pages in WordPress, with a custom home page and your blog as one of the sub-pages.

Widgets for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. You can add “widgets” to your sidebar and rearrange them without touching any HTML code or messing up your blog. Just drag and drop the sidebar widgets around, and instantly you can have fun stuff in your sidebar.

Customizable. You can make WordPress do just about anything by simply finding the right plugin.

If you ever get tired of how your website looks, simply create, or find, a different WordPress Theme.

Right about now you might be asking yourself “What do I need a Web Designer for if WordPress is so easy and will do all of this for me?” Your Web Designer will be there to setup WordPress and give it a look customized to your brand. Your Web Designer can also setup and customize features and plugins for you to ensure that your site is all ready to go, ready for you to take over, and ready for business!

Choosing a WordPress-based website leaves you in control. It’s also a future-proof solution considering that WordPress is steadily growing as the most popular website platform.

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