Some basics on Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Social Networking and Social Media Optimization

A Blog is a great way to market yourself, share your knowledge and put yourself out as an expert in your field.

Most bloggers gain their traffic from 3 sources, inbound links (other websites linking to yours), search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.) and social media (Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Digg, etc.).

Take your content to where the traffic is (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and use your Blog/Website to bring it all together for those find you on the social networks.

Link Building

Link building allows your website to be more easily found by others. The more websites that are linking to you, the more potential you have for getting higher rankings by the search engines. It’s not just quantity that is important, but the quality of the links coming in to you.

Just remember, the best links don’t come from submitting your site to a link farm or blog directory. Quality links typically come from the genuine interest of others in your website or blog, in other words, if you are offering interesting and valuable content through your site others are more likely to link to you, naturally. You may also want to consider purchasing link space on websites with high Google Page Ranks.

Content is King

Great content is an important key component of search engine optimization. After-all, you want people to look up to you as the expert. With lots of original, valuable, entertaining, and inspiring content you can dominate your market.

Keywords and Key Phrases

Something to consider. What keywords and key phrases are people going to search for to find a website/company like yours?  Once you have answered that question you can optimize your site and content to those words/phrases.  Use them throughout the content of your website, but don’t over-do-it. Be wise.

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