, my freedom site.

lds freedom is dedicated to teaching the principles of freedom and the proper role of government, from an LDS perspective, using quotes, talks and articles by Latter-day Saint prophets and other prominent LDS Church members. promotes the belief that rights come from God, and that governments were instituted of God for the benefit of man, in order to protect those rights.

This site has been a long-time passion and hobby of mine.  I created it because of the love I have for freedom and and the desire helps others better understand freedom and the current threats to it.  The site has had many designs over the years to get to where it is now.

Some Google stats on the site: As of today, a search for lds freedom puts at #1 in the results.  lds constitution = #2, gordon b hinckley freedom = #9, skousen freedom = #3, cleon skousen = #7, joseph smith government = #5 . . . You get the idea.  When searching for LDS content related to freedom, politics, government, etc. comes up in the top ten very often.

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