Five Effective Business Networking Tools

Five Effective Business Networking Tools

There are many ways to market a business product or service. Business Networking has proved to be very effective and is an essential skill for most business people, especially entrepreneurs. People are assets; many customers will make a choice over one business or the other because of the person representing that business. This requires that a business owner develop and maintain business relationships. Here are some tools and resources to take your business to the next level using networking.

Find the Best Network Group(s) for You

It’s best to visit as many business networking groups as possible. There are usually a lot of options out there. Take note of which ones spark your interest. Notice the tone and attitude of the group. Is there quality leadership? Do the people seem supportive of one another? Some groups are free and many will allow you to visit multiple times before joining. I recommend that you join as many network groups as is feasible for you and your business. Choose the ones in which you have the most to offer as well as receive.

In my experience I’ve found that one networking groups stands above the rest, CEO Space. They have a cooperative networking model. You’ll find that most members are genuinely interested in your success and doing what they can to help you find what you are looking for. CEO Space specializes in income acceleration, entrepreneurial training, and super networking to grow businesses exponentially. As a member you will be taught Free Enterprise Skills not taught in conventional educational programs.

More info: www.ceospaceutah.net

What You Give Will Come Back to You

Business networking isn’t all about what you can get, it’s actually about what you can give. The more you open yourself up to giving and assisting others, the more you are making yourself available to receive. Also, it’s about quality not quantity. When you are giving information and referrals keep in mind that you sincerely want the person to succeed and give with such a mindset.

Have you belonged to networking groups in which you felt you weren’t getting enough leads? Perhaps it’s because you haven’t been giving enough? Or perhaps people you haven’t been there long enough or created enough relationships with people to make them comfortable to give you leads. Give it a try: forget yourself and focus on creating success for others then watch the same happen for you.

Follow Up

How much business have you potentially missed out on because you didn’t follow up? If you receive a referral from someone be sure to follow up with that contact, you may be missing out on a great opportunity. Also, whenever you give a referral to someone else follow up with them. Find out if they were able to get a hold of the person and what the result of the referral was. You might even want to keep a written record of the referrals you given and received. A great strategy when giving a referral is to call up the person you are referring right away and hand your phone to your business associate. Get them connected right away for better results!

Set Goals

Before going to your networking meetings set some goals. Are you there for clients? knowledge? or an other reason? Decide what it is you are looking for and ask for that specifically. What do you want to accomplish? Make a list of intentions and as you fulfill each one add more items to the list. Remember to also help others accomplish their goals.

Business Cards

Don’t forget your business cards, how else will people follow up with you? Put enough information on your card so that people will have multiple ways to contact you (i.e. work phone, cell, email, address, IM, etc.), you never know what each persons preferred method of communication is. Be generous in giving out your business cards. Give cards out to everyone, including family and friends. Give out multiple cards to some people; they may end up referring your services.

Create a business card that stands out. What is it that makes you different from everyone else? Why should people choose you? Be sure to make that statement on your business card. Putting your picture on your business card will help people connect a person to the business. Insert your card in all mailings and find every opportunity you can to give them out. You never know what opportunities you might be missing out on by not giving out enough business cards. Your business card is one of the most simple and effective marketing tools.

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